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Clark College & Washington State University, Vancouver

Creation and assessment of a values-affirmation intervention

Catherine Crosby (Clark)
Travis Kibota (Clark)
Gretchen Rollwagens-Bollens (WSU)
Mentor: Mays Imad (Pima Community College)

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Orange Coast College & University of California, Irvine

Implementation and assessment of two-stage exams in Human Anatomy Courses

Allissa Blystone (OCC)
Jill Parsell (OCC)
Adrienne Williams (UCI)
Mentor: Samantha Elliot (Saint Mary’s College of Maryland)

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Butte College & University of California, Davis

Creation and assessment of online modules designed to improve student’s study skills and metacognition

Natalia Caporale (UC Davis)
Shannamar Dewey (Butte)
Jill Terra (Butte)
Mentor: Josh Premo (Utah Valley University)


Tuskegee University & Wallace Community College, Selma

Creation and assessment of a module focused on the opioid crisis to enhance student engagement with and understanding of scientific concepts

Deloris Alexander (Tuskegee)
Chastity Bradford (Tuskegee)
Sheritta Fagbodun (Tuskegee)
Ghytana Goings (Wallace)
Lecia Robinson (Tuskegee)
Richard Whittington (Tuskegee)
Mentor: Jenny Knight (University of Colorado Boulder)